IT Partners Virtual Bench: Join Our Leading Team

Dannielle Cook

Since we first opened our doors in 2000, IT Partners have been committed to building the best place to work, and each day we continue to look at ways to improve.

We hire smart, proactive, and enthusiastic professionals who are committed to growing and developing, both personally and professionally. Our people are trustworthy, respectful and go above and beyond for our clients, their peers, and the company. And in return, we create an environment where they feel valued, supported, and capable of achieving extraordinary things.

What is the IT Partners Virtual Bench?

We understand that sometimes the timing isn’t quite right (for you or us), but don’t want to miss out on meeting amazing candidates – which is why we have created a Virtual Bench.

In simplest terms, our Virtual Bench is a pre-qualified talent pool of potential candidates.  People included in the Virtual Bench are those who have completed our recruitment process and we keep in regular contact for upcoming or future opportunities. Our Virtual Bench allows us to cultivate relationships with candidates whose skills and expertise align with the companies competencies and values.

Whenever we have a newly created role or an existing one opens up, our first step is to look to our Virtual Bench, to see if there is anyone with the skill set to meet the requirements of the role. We do this before going out to the general market.


How does it work?

There are 7 stages of our Virtual Bench process:

Choosing the right candidates to align with a company’s mission and culture is important in any business, and a brief 60-minute interview will always be a constraint to truly gain insight into a candidate’s fit.

An important step in the IT Partners Virtual Bench process is step 5: Candidate lunch.  This step is essential for putting candidates at ease in a social setting and finding a bit more about their real selves. Having casual conversations over a meal is a sure fast way for both parties to gauge team and culture fit, which are hugely important factors here at IT Partners. The recruitment process should always be a two-way street. 

Are you Interested in a future career with IT Partners or know someone who would be a great fit for our team?  Get in touch with us at We are always looking to meet great candidates and have conversations about future opportunities.