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Lodge Real Estate is a leading Hamilton real estate firm with dedicated experts in residential, rural and commercial sales and property management. With 50 years of experience, the company’s focus on excellence has driven its strong reputation.


When phishing emails take over, the negative effect on a business is often a lot more than lost productivity – the constant wear and tear on staff takes its toll. “Phishing became such a problem that it caused emotional stress for our staff. The cyber security risk and continual deletions became draining, plus our attention was constantly diverted away from the important messages we needed to action,” says Director, Jeremy O’Rourke.

Taking Action

IT Partners tackled Lodge’s phishing challenges by implementing a layered Cyber Security approach. This included the installation of a firewall, with protocols aligned with best practices, between the internet and the company’s servers. This solution, coupled with industry-leading endpoint protection and email filtering, was designed to cope with the most sophisticated cyber criminal techniques. “The solution made a big, positive difference in the everyday work lives of our agents,” says Jeremy.

The Outcomes

Before IT Partners installed this layered solution, the Lodge office received up to 30,000 phishing emails daily. Now, they receive virtually none. “Our team is much more productive – we can easily find and deal with the emails we want without sorting through all the junk. And, equally as important, it doesn’t accidentally block the important emails we need,” explains Jeremy.